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Camani Camp a program of  3 days and 2 nights - excursions in the forest, sailing and visits to native communities.

Day 1: Caracas to Puerto Ayacucho-Camp Camani. Arriving in the city of Puerto Ayacucho, continue in a Cessna to Camani Camp, with a flight time of approximately forty-five minutes and receiving assistance at the airport, ground transportation to Camp Camani, meeting and welcome reception of Camp Camani information, tourist services in the region. Churuata allocation. We started a journey of about two hours away from the camp to the fauna and flora, from the river canal Ventuari Guayaje, piranha fishing. Lunch at the camp. In the afternoon departure by land to hike a trail in the jungle to visit the Hill of the hut, located at a distance of about thirty five minutes from the ski field. From this place has a beautiful 360 degree view, see the great variety of plants, each with a unique color, and the beautiful river Ventuari is a wonderful place to rest. Back at camp, dinner, sleep.

Day 2: Camp Camani: (Caño Manaca and Marieta): Hiking through the forest, sailing and visits to native communities. Breakfast. Departure at 9:00 am to visit two communities, navigating the Caño Manaca, walk for two hours, bathe in Caño Marietta, several wildlife viewing, river dolphins, etc. picnic lunch, return the camp at 4:00 pm Free will in the camp activities. Return to the camp. Dinner and sleep.

Day 3: Camp Camani - Puerto Ayacucho - Caracas. Breakfast. Ground transportation to the airport, departure flight crews traveling to the city of Puerto Ayacucho, where they continue their flight to Maiquetía on a commercial flight. Services include: Transportation to and from the airport / Cocktail Reception / Breakfast, lunch and dinner / National alcoholic beverages (soft drinks, juices, mineral water) / guides / Churuatas Accommodations w / private bath / Tours according to programs.

Note: If visitors want to pay another optional excursion of your choice: this day is recommended for the Tour de Caño Piedra, because of its wonderful waterfall and other interesting issues. Departure at 8:00 am browsing the Marieta Ventuari and rivers and the Canal de Piedra in the fast boat, about two hours from the camp, is a beautiful journey with the pleasant opportunity to enjoy baths, you will feel the difference of sailing in channels of the Amazon rainforest, which will walk through routes to a wonderful waterfall. native fishing style can cook the fish over open fires and live incredible experience of peace that has as its background the sound of the great waterfall.

You can visit the agricultural crops of the native community of the MacOS. You will meet your different types of products, enjoy your kind hospitality. Back at 5:00 pm dinner and sleep.


TOUR OPTIONAL PIPE STONE BOAT FARE: (maximum 04 pax per boat) U.S. $ 200.

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