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El Cerro Autana 4 days - 3 nights, Tepuy of 1240 km2. It was declared a Natural Monument in 1978. It is located in the northeast corner of the Venezuelan Amazon, east of the Orinoco River between Rio Autana Cuao and in the forest reserve of Sipapo (Piaroa Indian territory). Autana Hill is a giant rock Piaroa sacred to the Indians, in the native language means Holy Mountain, which in their mythology represents the tree of life, where did all the fruits that serve to support the man and animals. Its formation is of sandstone of Precambrian origin. Another feature of this unique Tepuy is that on top of facing a single cave in the world formed entirely of quartzite. This cave is about 400 meters long and reaches a height of 40 meters.


Day 1: Depart by jeep to the port Samariao. During this 45-minute ride will cross the flooded savannas of the Orinoco River and spend the long Maipures Atures and which are not navigable. Top navigation roofed motor boat along the Orinoco River for the river Sipapo. Lunch at the stream of Cauldron where will enjoy a refreshing swim. Navigation will continue to enter the river Autana. Arriving in the indigenous community of Boca Autana (Mavaca) where they will dine and spend the night in hammocks with mosquito netting. Be shared with the Indians and the shaman of the community. Time: 4-6 hours. (A, C).

Day 2: Walk in the forest surrounding the community. Then take the boat for the river Autana. Lunch somewhere in the stream. Visit Piaroas some communities in the area. It will continue to sail up to pour in front of the imposing Mount Blindness Autana where the natives are waiting for the group. Then there will be a 2 hour hike to the hilltop Wahari where you can contemplate the vastness of the Amazon rainforest and the Tepuy Autana. Back to our camp, overnight in hammocks with mosquito netting. 2-4 hours sailing time. (D, A, C).

Day 3: Morning breakfast, and we hike to the viewpoint on the stream of Blindness. We spotted the jungle and the Tepuy. Returning to our camp, we embarked on our boat and we went downriver to Manaca We will camp in the jungle .... (D, A, C).

Day 4: After breakfast we continue down the river to reach the port of Samariapo and arriving at Puerto Ayacucho, or boarding the plane back to Caracas .. (D) This issue includes: Flight Caracas - Amazonas Meals as per itinerary Accommodation in Puerto Ayacucho Mineral water, soft drinks and juices bilingual Amazon Indian Guide. Processing of hammocks and mosquito nets permits Cooking Equipment First Aid and hotel assistance.

Includes: Meals as per itinerary, Mineral water, soft drinks and juices, Indian bilingual guide Amazons, and process the permits, hammocks and mosquito nets, cooking equipment, first aid, personal assistance.

Not included: Flight Caracas - Amazonas, Puerto Ayacucho Accommodations, Breakfast Day 1, Alcoholic beverages, personal expenses such as laundry or telephone calls. Tips for drivers and guides, Charges resulting from delayed or canceled flights ...

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09:00 de la mañana en el Hotel Amazonas

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El punto de encuentro es el Hotel Amazonas en la calle Piar, el equipo de guias le pasa buscando para ir a la Aventura.


Aeropuerto de Puerto Ayacucho.

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