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Calle Rio Negro, frente a la Plaza Indigena, Puerto Ayacucho, Amazonas 7101, Venezuela
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This 12 - day expedition accompanied by a wonderfull varied collection of real adventure. On this tour, travelers can admire and enjoy one of the most prodigious scientific and human adventures undertaken by you and our guides. Discoverl this forgotten land and is boundaries and nature.

Day 1: Arrive in Puerto Ayacucho, capital of Amazonas state, from Caracas to 15:30 on the afternoon. Here your guide will pick you up at your local Toyota 4x4 and lead to the Gran Hotel Amazonas in a short 15 minutes. First night at the Gran Hotel Amazonas (Dinner and breakfast is optional). Amazon at night (optional, you can enjoy local restaurants and bars, drinks are paid by you).

Day 2: After breakfast, depart at 08:00 hours with the Toyota 4x4 Puerto Samariapo. Beginning of navigation on the Orinoco River, with a visit to Isla Raton and San Fernando de Atabapo. Overnight in hammocks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 3: Sailing again on the Orinoco River, stopping for a visit at the Ministry of Environment in Trapichote station to observe the cultivation of rubber trees. The visit also in Santa Barbara, at the mouth of Rio Ventuari. Another night in hammocks. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 4: Sailing along the Orinoco, with a long look at the mountain Yapacana fantastic. Overnight in San Antonio. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 5: Continue the Yanomami people of Cejal combined with a visit to the Mission Tamatama. Then transmitted to the Emerald City, where we spend the night. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Day 6: In the Emerald visiting the Humboldt Research Center before sailing from Casiquiare.

Day 7: Let´s explore some of the areas along the Casiquiare and visit another settlement in Coromoto Yanomami.

Day 8: A journey of exploration along the Siapa River.

Day 9: Finally we will sail to the Black River.

Day 10: A visit to the city of San Carlos of Black River and a Colombian village.

Day 11: Now we will navigate the huge stone, Cocuy huge on the border between Colombia, Brazil and Venezuela.

Day 12: Let´s take a trip to visit the area Cocuy and a town in Brazil. We return to San Carlos de Rio Black to take the plane to Puerto Ayacucho. Transfer to airport and flight back to Caracas.

Boats and equipment: iron boat 27 meters long and 3 feet wide with outboard engine of 115 HP. This boat is fully adapted to the rivers, we will be traveling along. There is a bathroom and shower, and can be used as roof terrace with good river views. Food cooked and served mainly in the boat, where tables and chairs available. Furthermore, hammocks can be hung on the boat for naps. Ancillary to and inclusive of aluminum with a 40 HP engine for exploring the narrow rivers and streams.

There is also a GPS on board so that everyone knows exactly where we are at all times. We have radio communication with the office in Puerto Ayacucho, and other stations in the event of an emergency. A satellite phone can be rented by passengers. At night we will use solar energy for lighting. We also have a small power plant to charge the batteries. We guarantee safe drinking water throughout the trip. Ample and full meals are served with locally available products - fish, meat and fruit. Details: We will be sailing from the port of Samariapo, which is just before the Rapids of Maipú. We will be traveling along the Orinoco River, visiting indigenous communities and spending the night in some of them, hang the hammocks in their homes. The guides will identify all the tributaries of the Orinoco and explain each and every detail is important ecological area for you. Navigation is just only during the day and provided alternative activities and visits, and the exploration of smaller rivers, fishing and nature watching on the road. As the title of this trip, we will follow the route of the visit of Alexander von Humboldt in 1799, exploring the area that connects Casiquiare the Orinoco basin with the Amazon River. One of our goals is to get to the Triple Frontier where the borders of Brazil, Colombia and Venezuela are meeting in the famous Rock Cocuy. During the trip we stop to visit scientific research stations and several religious missions. We will also have the opportunity to visit two settlements Yanomami who are outside the Biosphere Reserve. The two-hour flight back to Puerto Ayacucho, a Cessna is the opportunity to see the giant rock formation from Autana (Holy Mountain). The sleeping arrangements during the trip will be in hammocks with mosquito nets, usually in indigenous communities or other suitable places. If necessary, you can hang the hammocks on the boat. Our drinking water is taken from the forest streams and then boiled. There will be bottled or canned soft drinks, concentrates, and fresh juices. Breakfasts and dinners will be big and served hot meals. Comment: For the return trip by plane, the luggage should be limited to 20 kilos per person. There is a small bathroom on the boat, and a shower. They use the river water is pumped to fill a small tank. Due to weather conditions or the collective will of the group, the itinerary can be modified, but always ending on the date and place agreed. It is not allowed to collect plants, minerals or animals in the area. The collections are not permitted under our operating permits, and in addition, the law prohibits the removal of them. Included: Flight from Caracas return.

Accommodation at the Gran Hotel Amazonas in a room. All meals and soft drinks. Guide language bi. Flight of Black Rio San Carlos to Puerto Ayacucho. All necessary transfers. Power plant for charging batteries for video cameras. Legal permits to visit the area.

Recommendations: No more than 20 kilos of luggage per person. Light clothing, swimsuit, boots, sandals and tennis shoes, rain coat or jacket. Medicines for personal use (headache, indigestion, etc.) Flashlight, pocket knife, hat, insect repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses. Binoculars and photographic material enough trip does not require any special physical. Because water levels may only be made the journey from June to December.

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