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Auyantepuy 7 days and 6 nights with Carlos Romero (PuriPuri). Those who love to hike should not miss the trek to the top of this mountain. Go to Auyantepuy is one of Venezuela's most prominent challenges. The mountains of the table (Tepuys) belong to the oldest rock formation in the world. Over millions of years they have formed. Most plants that grow on the mountains are unique box. The Auyantepui is one of the largest mountains table. Rarely visited, the climbing becomes an unforgettable adventure. The rock formation bizare and flora are quite exceptional. We walked through beautiful landscapes and rock through the deep forest. The river water Churun with shining gold invites us to swim. This can take place at any time during the year. During the rainy season we recommend it in combination with a boat trip to Angel Falls. Description It is possible to extend the nine-day tour from Kavac, or 14 and walk to the Salto Angel or Angel Jimmy's place where his plane crashed above. The average daily walk is 5 hours.

Day 1: Flight from Ciudad Bolivar to Uruyen. Tours Uruyen to Guayaraca (3-4 hours). Hammocks. (-/L/D) We took a plane from Ciudad Bolivar to Kavac. During the flight is a dense tropical jungle and the Caroni river before reaching the Gran Sabana, with its tepuis arising from the plain. We arrived at the picturesque village of Indians Uruyen where we see the typical Indian huts standing in front of the darkness, the steep walls of Auyan Tepui. Afternoon excursion to Guayaraca. We went in the afternoon to walk Auyan Tepui and river to river, so that we can always take a dip. We Okon-River and promote Guayaraca Camp.

Day 2: Ascent to the second plateau of the Rock. Tents. (B / L / D) first walked through the savannah to dense jungle to reach around Auyan Tepui. After a while we crossed the tepui dense vegetation and reach the giant rock of The Rock, where we spend the night in the shelter of the rock.

Day 3: Rise Tepui Auyan to El Oso. Tents. (B / L / D) In our journey across a landscape of stone before reaching the steep wall of this Tepui. We walked along this wall and go up a huge crack. The landscape is impressive and reminds black primitive times. After two hours of walking we reached the rock of El Libertador where you take a break. Afternoon tour to The Bear, where we spent the night under the shelter of a rock.

Day 4: Excursions to the surroundings. The Bear. Tents. (B / L / D) Today we explore the surroundings of The Bear. We walked through huge slabs down to a tributary of the Churún, where we took a bath. We continued our way through the slabs, we will see different types of vegetation, including mosses, cacti and orchids.

Day 5: Descent of Bear in The Rock. Tents. (B / L / D)

Day 6: Descend to Uruyen El Penon. Tents. (B / L / D) Guayaraca walked back and relax in the same place where we spent the night a few days. River crosses below and to eventually Ocoña Uruyen, a small village near the Indian River Uruyen.

Day 7: Flight to Ciudad Bolivar. (B/-/-) Around noon light aircraft takes us back to Ciudad Bolivar.

Included: Flight Ciudad Bolivar Ciudad Bolivar to Kavac • Travel Guide • Canyon Kavac-English speaking and Spanish • Meals as indicated • All overnight stays • provide hammocks / nets / tents and equipment • Porters for equipment and food • Does not include private baggage loaders • Canaima National Parkfee • Local airport taxes

Equipment to bring: Strong walking shoes, slippers. cottontrousers Light, warm cloths (for 5C to10C º º), long-sleeved shirt, rain protection, bathing suit, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, sunscreen / sunblock, hat, insect repellent, knife , water bottle, a flashlight.

Note: Please take as little baggage as possible (max. 10 kilos) - because the air space is limited.

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Excelente tour para conocer el Auyantepuy tepuyes milenarios, rios, montañasn y fauna y flora exuberante mas comunidades indigenas moradores ancestrales de esta hermosa region.

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Gran Sabana, Auyantepui.


Aeropuerto de Puerto Ordaz, Estado Bolivar.


Se Recomienda llevar:

-Documentos en regla.

-Ropa y zapatos comodos para largas caminatas.

-Chaquetas impermeables.

-Gorra o sombrero.

-Lentes de sol.

-Repelente de insectos.

-Camara Fotografica.

-Bolsas plasticas para guardar ropa mojada.


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