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Discover the jungle with accommodation in VIP lodge on the banks of the Amazon River and experience rich flora and fauna of the Amazon and great tours included.
Experience authentic comfort during your rain forest stay amidst the wildlife, islands and lagoons, a perfect base to begin your low-impact Amazon adventure. Explore the jungle, feel the wildlife first hand and appreciate the wonders of nature.
Stay and connect with nature.
Take advantage of our incredible offers and package deals. Create your own special tour to explore the jungle, experience the wildlife wonder at the beauty of nature, and then relax in the comfort of our resort lodge.


245.71€ ($299.00)
Tour Per Person

Actividades y itinerario

4 Days / 3 Nights:
Your expedition to the Amazon River offers a rare opportunity to see a totally different world, very detached from urban development where you will discover an astounding sphere of sheer nature and an effervescent biodiversity of flora and fauna. To help you experience an astounding Amazon Adventure we have prepared a most ideal suggested itinerary of 4 days and 3 nights, get to know more of the rainforest’s mega biodiversity with a longer stay, appreciate more points of interests and make your enchanting rainforest foray worth its while.
Welcome to Iquitos, register and briefing at the Heliconia Office / Transfer to the Bellavista boarding wharf / Motorized boat ride / Monkey Island Stopover  / Arrival to the Lodge/ Welcome drink and check-in/  Afternoon excursion – Nature Trek  / After sunset –Night Boat Ride/ Dinner/ Overnight / Early morning Bird watching / Breakfast & Refresh / Native Fishing / Return to Lodge for Lunch / Afternoon- Glimpse the Giant Water Lily / Night Hike / Dinner /Overnight/ Breakfast / Native Community Immersion / Pink Dolphin Sighting / Dinner / Overnight / Breakfast / Trapiche Treat / Check out / Lunch / Transfer to and send off  at Iquitos Airport.


Departures* from Iquitos to Heliconia Lodges:

  • First deaprture : 09:30 hrs
  • Second departure: 15:30 hrs

Departure* from Heliconia Lodge to iquitos:

  • First departure: 07:30 hrs ( after breakfast , lunch and excursions will be lost)
  • Second departure: 14:00 hrs

(*) Subjet to change wirthout notice.

Seasons of Rising and Emptying of the Amazon River
Keep in mind that the itinerary suffers variations during the Amazon River Emptying season that affects navigation and therefore the performance of some activities. 
Rising Season : March - May
Emptying Season : August - October
Transition Season: November - February
Check in and Check out at the Lodge.
Check in: 13:00 pm | Check out: 12:00 pm

Comienzo del tour

Check in: 13:00 pm / Check out: 12:00 pm

Como Llegar

Meet our driver in his booth # 5 at the luggage claim area.


Coronel FAP Francisco Secada Vignetta International Airport


What to wear:
It is important that you bring only necessary clothing and travel gear to the lodge. Due to weight and space limitations on the domestic flight and on the boat to the Lodge, passenger luggage is limited to 10 kg. (22 lbs.) per person. You may store some of your luggage in our office in Iquitos City and take only the most essential during your stay.
• Light cotton clothes, pants and long sleeve shirts (preferably in earth colors: olive green, light brown/khakis of light, breathable, quick-dry material; please avoid using white color in the jungle)
Hiking boots or walking tennis shoes resistant to humidity; cotton socks.
• Bathing suit
• A light water proof parka jacket, raincoat or sweater (when the temperature goes down considerably or when it rains).
What to bring:
• Hat / Cap (preferably with large visor)
• Sunscreen / Sunblock.
• Insect Repellent (with DEET)
• Sunglasses.
• Personal Medicines /medications; first-aid kit
• Flashlight
• Binoculars
• Portable converter, rechargeable batteries, electrical adaptor for your charger
• Camera with big memory card; preferably in waterproof case.
NOTE: When visiting Monkey Island, it is recommended not to put on any insect repellent during the visit.

Políticas y reclamaciones

This program does not include:
• Beverages: juices, sodas, soft drinks and any alcoholic drinks. (Tea and coffee are complimentary)
• Flight tickets Lima/Iquitos/Lima and airport taxes.
• Tips.
Important notes
• Meet our driver in his booth # 5 at the luggage claim area.
• Our Programs may vary according to flight arrival / departure changes or weather conditions.
• For this program we recommend to take morning flights to Iquitos and your returning flight to Lima in the afternoon.
• Departures from Iquitos to Heliconia Lodge: just in the morning ( max. 10:00 am)
• Departures from Heliconia Lodge to Iquitos is at 14:00 pm

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