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Pico Bolivar in Merida, Los Andes, Lara, 5101, Venezuela

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Pico Bolivar in Merida, at 5007 meters above sea level, is Venezuelas highest mountain.

Its a steep, tough, and a technical climb. Experienced mountaineers should have no problems, but for the rest of us it represents a challenge to our courage and endurance.

Harnesses and ropes are necessary all year round, and for most of the months of the year (July thru January) you will also need sunglasses (to guard against snow blindness), crampons, and ice axes. The entire expedition is best done in 5 days via the U shaped route known as La Travesia, but if you really want to try to do it in 4 days and thus increase the risk of altitude sickness then this can be arranged.

Day 1: Hiking for 5-6 hours.

It is a 40 minute drive from our base to the park entrance at La Mucuy. After signing in, our guide will lead the way up into the cloud forest. This is an area of dense vegetation, huge ferns, tall trees, streams, tiny pure waterfalls, and an abundance of life. Eventually we break out of the forest at 3300m and are greeted by the sight of Laguna Coromoto and páramo fauna and flora. Here we make camp, or sometimes continue a little further to a small cave.

Day 2: Hiking for 5-6 hours.

The path is more steep, rocky, and uneven than the previous day, and the scenery much more open. In a couple of places you will need to scramble up easy sections of rock using your hands for balance and leverage. Your pack will feel lighter already. A narrow path with a sharp drop on one side leads to Laguna Verde, and now it´s one hour more to Laguna El Suero for the second night of camping at the base of Pico Humboldt.

Day 3: 5 hours hiking.

We trek out of the valley up a slope of loose rocks and out also of the páramo zone. We now hike to the base of Pico Bolivar, and depending on your condition, the time, and the weather conditions, we will either make camp at Laguna Timoncitos at 4700 meters or hike on up to the Pico Espejo at 4765 meters and the security center of the top at the teléferico station.

4 Day: Climbing, and hiking.

Finally, the big day has arrived. The time it takes to climb Bolivar and return to Espejo or Timoncitos will depend upon the size of the group, fitness, and levels of experience, as well as snow, ice, and weather conditions. Attitude and sheer determination are major factors - do not leave your courage at home. This is a real climb, with steep drops, high walls, and difficult sections to negotiate - be under no illusions. We may spend another night at the same camp or, time permitting; we may start on the descent out of the mountains so as to make the last day shorter.

Day 5: The downhill trek.

It is all downhill from now on, with a rest at the farmhouse called Pedros Place for an afternoon snack and a drink. We continue to the village in Mucunutan and the end of La Travesia. Take it easy, because you knee and ankle joints will be sorely tested on this last, long section. If you dont want to walk all the way down you have the choice to use the Cable Car.

(Note, the price of the Cable Car is not included on the price of the tour, around $15 - $20 per person.)


Different Expeditions assume different levels of fitness, ability, or experience. Some Expeditions require a high degree of physical strength, others none at all. Two people can go on the same tour, one will find it easy, another exhausting. It is your responsibility to provide and discuss all relevant health and other.

The symptoms of altitude sickness are: faster heartbeat, shortness of breath, headache, nausea, lack of appetite, and, in the more extreme cases, vomiting and nose-bleeds. All other things being equal, it is impossible to predict in advance to what extent an individual will be affected. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances...

1. Spend a day or two hiking at altitude before beginning our expedition.

2. Drink lots of water during the tour.

3. Increase your intake of potassium rich foods, such as bananas, tomatoes, and oranges before and during the expedition. Having said this, some people will do none of the above and have no problems, others will do all of the above and still feel those symptoms.

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Excelente tour para conocer las nevadas montañas andinas, su gente, sus costumbres y tradiciones.

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Hora de Entrada: previo acuerdo y en base al itinerario del viajero.

Driving directions

Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada, Picos Humboldt y Bolívar, Estado Merida.


Aeropuerto Juan Pablo Perez Alfonso de Ejido. Aeropuerto Alberto Carnevalli en Merida.


Se recomienda llevar:

-Ropa y calzado para clima frio.

-Lentes de sol.


-Camara Fotografica.

Policies & disclaimers

1) Responsabilidades: Expedition.Travel es responsable de los contratos y acuerdos con sus clientes en la prestación de todos nuestros servicios. Así como no se responsabiliza de las guerras, huelgas, retrasos, incendios, accidentes y sus consecuencias, las epidemias, la destrucción de los mecanismos de los actos de gobierno, el robo, saqueo o cualquier otra causa ajena a la empresa y accidentes relacionados con la subcontratación de servicios o los retrasos en los vuelos y las transferencias de las líneas aéreas comerciales. La empresa no se hace responsable de las consecuencias derivadas del uso o posesión de drogas o sustancias estupefacientes en nuestros programas y servicios.

2) Documentación: El turista debe traer sus documentos de identidad y problemas de visa consular si el defecto del pasaporte o la falta de visa consular,la empresa no se hace responsable de los gastos ocasionados por el retraso o la pérdida total del services.

3) Reembolso: La cancelación de los servicios contratados por los turistas, se hará de la siguiente manera: El ochenta por ciento (80%) 30 días antes de la fecha se inicio de los servicios. Los setenta y cinco por ciento (75%) 15 días antes de la fecha de inicio de los servicios. Cincuenta por ciento (50%) hasta una semana antes del inicio de los servicios. Veinte y cinco por ciento (25%) hasta 72 horas antes del inicio del servicio.

4) No habrá reembolso en caso de presentar documentos de viaje inadecuados, dejando el recorrido en cualquier momento o utilizar sus servicios voluntariamente para el viajero. En caso de lluvia o mal tiempo u otras razones de peso que podrían poner en peligro la seguridad de los turistas, la empresa se reserva el derecho de modificar, sin que el turista tenga derecho a reclamo o recover.

5) Reclamaciones: todas las reclamaciones deben ser presentadas por escrito a nuestra oficina, dentro de los cuarenta y ocho (48) horas siguientes a la celebración del service.

6) Todas las condiciones de los servicios de empleo se consideran aceptadas por:

1) - La aceptación de cupones que van servicios a los clientes por correo electrónico, fax o cualquier otro mecanismo.

2) - La aceptación de los vales de los servicios que se extienden a los clientes por correo electrónico, por fax o por cualquier otro mecanismo.

3) - El uso de cualquier parte de los servicios contratados.

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