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Urdaneta Santa Elena Venezuela, Roraima, Bolivar 8011, VE
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48.86€ ($58.00) - 75.81€ ($90.00) Roraima The Lost World Urdaneta Santa Elena Venezuela, Roraima, Bolivar, 8011, VE +584242346969 2 Grupo de 2 Pers. 2 Grupo de 3 Pers. 2 Grupo de 4 a 5 Pers. 2 Grupo de 6 a 8 Pers. Expedición al Mundo Perdido con todo incluido! 2 Expedición al Mundo Perdido con todo incluido! 3 Expedición al Mundo Perdido con todo incluido! 5 2 3 5 8 Expedición al Mundo Perdido con todo incluido! 8
Tariff / Grupo de 2 Pers. / Minimum days 1 Maximum days 365 / Min person 1 Max person 4 / 1 $ 106.2 Friday, 29 September 2028
Tariff / Grupo de 3 Pers. / Minimum days 1 Maximum days 365 / Min person 1 Max person 6 / 1 $ 100.3 Friday, 29 September 2028
Tariff / Grupo de 4 a 5 Pers. / Minimum days 1 Maximum days 365 / Min person 1 Max person 10 / 1 $ 70.8 Friday, 29 September 2028
Tariff / Grupo de 6 a 8 Pers. / Minimum days 1 Maximum days 365 / Min person 1 Max person 16 / 1 $ 68.44 Friday, 29 September 2028
Roraima The Lost World Urdaneta Santa Elena Venezuela, Roraima, Bolivar, 8011, VE +584242346969 48.86€ ($58.00) - 75.81€ ($90.00) 10 10 Yes it is a magic place unspoilt place - great experience thanks to Puripuri none
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Expedition Roraima with Kamadac Carlos Luis Romero: The Lost World Adventure.
Duration: 06 days / 05 nights (5 nights camping). Season: All Year around.
Departures: From Santa Elena (please ask for a qoute leaving from Caracas or Margarita).
The expedition is guaranteed with a minimum of 2 guests and a maximum of 16 guests.
Trip Rating: Normal and spontaneous, featuring local indian guide as guide averaging 7.7 miles per day at elevations between 4,800 feet and 9,220 feet + an overland drive in 4x4 wheel drive.
Immediate departure with groups of minimum 2 persons (non Exclusive), usually the expedition completes as we get closer to departure the date.
Groups of 14 or more persons will get a special discount.
The mysterious mist-shrouded Tepuys or tabletop mountains that inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in 1912 to write about the Lost World are some of the oldest and most impressive rock formations on earth.
Estimated to be 1.8 billion years old, the near vertical, rose-colored cliffs of these table mountains tower several thousand feet above the surrounding plains of La Gran Sabana in the south eastern Venezuela.
Sparkling waterfalls falling from the sky into the tropical forest at the base of these plateaus are a dramatic and inspiring sight. Isolated from each other and the savannah below, the summits of these fascinating mesas, some of which are several hundred square miles in area, are biological wonders. Each has developed its own unique flora and fauna, many species existing nowhere else in the world, causing some to refer to them as islands in the sky.
Venezuela: Meet The Lost World.

DAY 01:
We start our adventure after breakfast, when we take a jeep 4x4 from the town of Santa Elena de Uairen and for approximately two hours we enjoy the scenery of La Gran Sabana, then we arrive at the Indian community Paraitepuy. From there we start walking towards the Kukenan river, where we will sleep.
During the day, we enjoy our first sunrise views of Roraima before breakfast. As we watch the sun light up its cliffs, we contemplate its Indian name, Great, Ever-fruitful, the mother of streams, which seems appropriate because the waters from its summit feed into three important river systems, the Amazon, Orinoco, and Essequibo. After packing our gear into daypacks, we begin trekking, followed by our porters who prefer to use their own backpack-like woven baskets to carry their loads. Our route starts off descending from the ridge into a small, forested valley, across a stream, then uphill toward a broad plateau. Following a clear trail, we hike across rolling terrain and open, grassy savannah, sometimes passing through forests along small streams. Directly ahead of us is the massive, symmetrical bulk of Mount Roraima, whose 9,220 foot summit towers above the plains. To the north of this table mountain is a sister Tepuy, Kukenán, off of whose 8,790 foot summit cascades the third highest waterfall in the world with a 2,000 foot drop. Further north, three other tepuis are distinguishable in the distance. With help from our porters, we wade across the Kukenán River to our campsite. After dinner, we anticipate the night sky for a view of the Southern Cross, and myriad other stars and constellations. Trek length: 7½ miles or 6 hours hiking.

DAY 02:
Roraima base camp. This morning we head out, following the long incline that leads gradually uphill to the base of Roraima´s vertical, 2,000 foot cliffs. The terrain is a series of long ridges radiating out from the main mountain, covered by grasslands, except in deep ravines where rainforest patches have escaped the local Indians´ fires. About halfway to our base camp, we enter a broad, sloping area where we might spot different lizards scurrying across the trail, watch chestnut-collared sparrows hopping in the shrubs, or observe yellow-headed vultures circling overhead. Our base camp is located at the foot of Roraima´s spectacular walls. Here we have breathtaking views of the savannah rolling away into the distance, as well as the splendid rose-colored cliffs rising straight up above us, toward the mountain´s flat summit. In the late afternoon, we can take spectacular photos of the interplay of mist and sunlight across the mountain´s top, until the sun sets. Trek length: 5 miles or 5 hours hiking.

DAY 03:
Roraima top camp. Our ascent today follows a 50-foot wide natural ledge, running from right to left along the cliff face, allowing the only non technical access to the summit of Roraima. This route, discovered by the British explorer, Everard Thurn in 1884, passes through steep, jungle-like terrain that requires good stamina, but no climbing skills. Just beyond our camp, we cross a stream and enter an exquisite cloud-forest where dense vegetation prevents us from seeing the cliffs ahead or the savannah dropping away behind. Our concentration is focused on the trail and the diverse plants around us. Bromeliads, bladderworts, sundews, tree ferns, mosses and heliconias are everywhere. Continuing through the cloud-forest that envelopes the cliffs, the trail is wide enough to be safe, but is steep and can be very slippery in places. Orchids, ferns, palms, woody shrubs, and lovely flowers abound. There are three sections of small ravines where we must scramble down and up again. The last has a thin, ribbon-like waterfall plunging from the crest, splashing the trail with droplets (it really flows when it is raining on the summit). Near the top, our route gets steeper and rockier. It then turns inward through a natural cleft in the rock and suddenly, we´re on the summit gazing at the strange, fascinating landscape. From the edge of the plateau we continue crossing alternating patches of dry, black rock and wet, peat bogs until we arrive to our camp in the early afternoon. Our tents are pitched in natural caves, an added measure of protection from the frequent mists and showers on top. Following lunch, we explore the tepui´s mysterious and often foggy summit, hiking about 3½ miles (round-trip) to search for quartz crystals in the Valle de los Cristales. At a lookout point, we observe the impressive cliffs of Kukenán & Roraima, as well as the views out toward Guyana. Total trek length: 7½ miles or 7½ hours hiking.

DAY 04:
Roraima top camp. We have the full day today to explore the fantasy-land atop Roraima, whose massive summit is approximately 109 square miles! The eroding forces of constant wind and rain have formed giant, stone sculptures; house-sized slabs balanced precariously on slender spires; the arches and pillars of a forgotten, imaginary dynasty; and natural bridges that span narrow chasms. The dominant color is black, created by the rock-encrusting lichen that covers every surface. Accompanied by our guide and a couple of the porters, the strongest walkers may follow a rough trail through this bizarre landscape, hiking up and down, crossing creeks and boggy terrain, passing through natural labyrinths, and weaving among boulders, to the concrete monument marking the "triple-point", where the countries of Venezuela, Brazil, and Guyana meet. This is the perfect place to stop for lunch. On the return to camp, we observe several endemic species of plants, plus lots of ferns, mosses, orchids, and bromeliads. Roughly half of the flora identified in the "Lost World" exists in Roraima, and nowhere else on earth. We might also see the tiny pebble toad who rolls downhill to escape from danger. We reach our camp in the late afternoon, tired from the long hike, but exhilarated by our amazing discoveries exploring the Mother of Streams. Soup and a hot dinner are welcomed this evening! Hiking distance: 10 miles or 7 hours.

DAY 05:
Camp. Following breakfast and our last opportunity to take pictures on top, we begin our descent. Returning to the ledge, we work our way carefully back down through the cloud-forest. If the weather permits, the views out across the savannah and back toward Roraima´s sheer walls are astounding. Upon reaching our former base camp area, we stop for lunch and, perhaps, a refreshing dip in the stream below the campsite. Then, we continue along the more gradual descent to the Kukenán River, cross the stream and hike the last mile to our campsite. Trek length: 9½ miles or 6 hours hiking.

DAY 06:
Perai - Tepui / Santa Elena. We leave camp early in order to avoid the strong sunlight and heat of midday as we continue the trek back to our staff´s village Perai-tepui. We take final, lingering looks toward Roraima´s summit, remembering the bizarre rock formations and its unique flora and fauna. These are our last glimpses of the Lost World before the mist and clouds envelope the top and hide it from our view. Our route is slightly uphill to Perai-tepui, so we really appreciate the picnic lunch and cool drinks awaiting us when we arrive. With time permitting, we visit the village schoolhouse and talk with the teacher, or perhaps one of our Taurepan friends will invite us to his home to meet his family. We say goodbye to our friendly camp staff and, after loading our gear into the vehicles, we´re bound for Santa Elena de Uairén, stopping along the way at the spectacular Quebrada del Jaspe. This small town is south, near the Brazil border, and has an airstrip with regular flights. Also, it is a commercial and handicraft center, with opportunities to shop for some of the intricately woven baskets, backpacks, fishing bows and arrows, woodskins and other handcrafted items made in the area. We spend the night outside town in a simple, but comfortable, family-style hostal called Yakoo and enjoy a delicious and plentiful dinner together. Trek length: 6½ miles or 4½ hours hiking; Driving distance: 60 miles or 2 hours.

Services Included:
• Comprehensive pre-departure planning packet and expert travel advice.
• All in-country transfers as scheduled (transfers on different days are additional). Ground transportation in spacious and comfortable private vehicles with professional drivers.
• All meals indicated on the itinerary (B=breakfast; L=lunch; D=dinner). Vegetarian diets accommodated on request (advance notification required).
• All guided tours (as listed) conducted on a private basis by knowledgeable, English-speaking local guides (includes applicable entrance fees).
• A local, Spanish speaking, guide/escort for the program (Days 01-06) plus any applicable entrance fees.
• Standard trekking service including: Experienced guide/cook, camp assistant, and local, Pemón porters to carry food and cooking gear only, therefore only bring a reasonable amount of personal luggage, surplus luggage can be left at a safe house at the start of the expedition
Basic group camping equipment: two-person tents, sleeping pads, dining screen tent, collapsible dining stools, cooking and eating utensils.
Please let us know if you are bringing our own tent, sleeping bag or sleeping pads, so we do not carry unnecessary equipment on this expedition.
All meals: Hot breakfast, packed or picnic lunch, and served dinner. First-aid kit.

Not Included:
• International flights, nor local flights within Venezuela (we can arrange all local flights for you as an option).
• Local Venezuelan airport departure taxes (approx. $58 per person).
• Perhaps a couple of meals at about $20 – 35 if any unforeseen changes comes up.
• Tours or other services not listed on the itinerary.
• Alcoholic beverages.
• Tips to the local porters.
• Sleeping bag, other personal gear, or items of a personal nature such as clothing, laundry and phone calls.
• Optional expenses incurred in preparing for this program such as, but not limited to, non-refundable airline tickets or traveler´s insurance, and additional expenses resulting from flight delays, schedule changes, cancellations, or missed connections and late arrivals.
Late Departure from Caracas:
Participants with an extra day of vacation time are strongly encouraged to consider leaving Caracas back to country of origin on Day 12 of this Itinerary. This provides an additional day, in case bad weather in La Gran Sabana makes it impossible for the small planes to fly the Santa Elena Canaima route, (a definite advantage when you are traveling in a remote location). Should weather be good, and the planes fly as scheduled, the extra day to explore Caracas allows time for you to enjoy some of the shopping and sightseeing available in this special city.
Optional Trip Extensions: We can arrange extra days for those wanting to visit Angel Falls, Manaus in Brazil, Amazonas, Los Llanos, Merida, or relax under the sun on the beaches of Los Roques onboard a sailboat.
For more information please check:
Due to its proximity to the equator and the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela experiences some of the best climate in the World, a warm and tropical weather pattern all year around. Venezuela´s dry season runs from December through May with the rains starting in June and continuing through October/November. Rain can occur anytime, although showers only last a max of 30 minutes.
In the dry season it is a welcome change in the day.
Trekking in La Gran Sabana region of Roraima is a tropical experience (hot and humid) with temperatures very dependant upon elevation. Below 3280 feet temperatures average between 80-90/F during the day. Higher than this, average temperatures fluctuate between 55-78/F.
On the top of Roraima the night time lows could be (in rare events) close to freezing but should not fall below 32/F. Humidity in this area is quite high (70% and above) making a nice change if you are coming from Europe of the south of United States.
Furthermore, mist on top is likely as clouds blow in and around Roraima, the special effect helped creating the mystery of the Lost World.
The driest months are January and February followed by December and March. The hottest months are March, April and May, and September, October and November.
Lately patterns have changed surely because of the global warming, but only to the better, with fewer mosquitos or none at all.
Although we do our best to adhere to the schedule listed above, the day by day activities on this itinerary are subject to change for numerous reasons beyond our control including group, weather, and road / river / trail conditions as well as flight schedule changes. Distances and altitudes are approximate and times indicated are net hiking times not including lunch break, rest stops, time to explore or take pictures, etc.

Tour types

75.81€ ($90.00)
Grupo de 2 Pers.
71.60€ ($85.00)
Grupo de 3 Pers.
50.54€ ($60.00)
Grupo de 4 a 5 Pers.
48.86€ ($58.00)
Grupo de 6 a 8 Pers.

Tour activities & itinerary

The tour includes:

Transfer by jeep 4 x 4 from San Francisco - Paraitepuy - San Francisco de Yuruaní.
All meals.
Indian carrier for food.
First aid.
Professional guides.
Portable toilet and return.
Kitchen equipment.
Not included:
Alcoholic beverages.
Personal porters.
Rescue helicopter in an emergency.
Extra payments outside the program.

Check in times

Every day of the year from Santa Elena de Uairen or Caracas. The expedition is open with a minimum of 2 persons and a maximum of 16 people.

Driving directions

Via Santa Elena o Puerto Ordaz


Santa Elena de Uairén Airport


- Comfortable clothes and shoes for warm weather and at night a long sleeve flannel.

- Documents in order.

- Insect repellent.

- Sun lens, hat or cap.

- Photographic camera.

- Plastic bags to store wet clothes.

Optional Trip Extensions: We can organize additional days for those who want to visit Angel Falls, Manaus, in Brazil, Amazonas, Los Llanos, Mérida, or relax under the sun on the beaches of Los Roques aboard a sailboat. For more information contact us.

Roraima Expedition via Kamadac includes:

  • Round trip transfer Peraitepuy - Santa Elena.
  • High quality tents.
  • Kitchen equipment.
  • Chef.
  • Porters for food and camping equipment.
  • Carrier for waste and portable bath.
  • 1 high mountain guide.
  • Overnights in double tents.
  • All meals from lunch on the first day to lunch on the last day.
  • Cold drinks and a lunch at the San Francisco de Yuruani.
  • Reservation in the national park.
  • ICMBIO Trekking permit.

Policies & disclaimers

1) Responsabilidades: asume la responsabilidad de los contratos y acuerdos celebrados con sus clientes en el suministro de todos nuestros servicios. Del mismo modo que declina toda responsabilidad por las guerras, huelgas, retrasos, incendios, accidentes y sus consecuencias, las epidemias, la destrucción de los mecanismos, los actos de gobierno, robos, saqueos o cualquier otra causa ajena a la empresa, así como los accidentes sufridos por subcontratación los servicios o los retrasos en los vuelos y las transferencias de las líneas aéreas comerciales. La empresa no será responsable por las consecuencias derivadas del consumo o posesión de drogas o sustancias estupefacientes en nuestros programas y servicios.

2) Documentación: El turista debe traer consigo sus documentos de identificación y visados consulares, en caso de problemas por defecto del pasaporte o la falta de visa consular, la empresa no se hace responsable por los gastos originados por el retraso o la pérdida total de la los servicios contratados.

3) Reintegro por cancelación por parte de los turistas se estipula así: El ochenta por ciento (80%) 30 días antes de la fecha de inicio de los servicios. Los setenta y cinco por cientos (75%) 15 días antes de la fecha de inicio de los servicios. El cincuenta por ciento (50%) hasta una semana antes del inicio de los servicios. El veinticinco por ciento (25%) hasta 72 horas antes del comienzo del servicio no habrá reembolso entre las 72 horas y el inicio del servicio.

4) No habrá reembolso en caso de no presentarse, documentos de viaje inadecuados, abandono de la gira en cualquiera de sus momentos o no uso de los servicios voluntariamente por el viajero. En caso de lluvia o mal tiempo o cualquier otra razón de fuerza mayor que puedan poner en peligro la seguridad del turista, la compañía se reserva el derecho de modificar el programa, sin que el turista tiene derecho a reclamación o indemnización.

5) Reclamaciones. Todas las reclamaciones tendrán que ser dirigidas por escrito a nuestras oficinas, dentro de las cuarenta y ocho (48) horas siguientes a la conclusión de los servicios.

6) Todas las condiciones de contratación de los servicios se consideran aceptadas por medio de:

1 - La ejecución del pago de los servicios contratados con anterioridad al inicio del servicio.

2 - La aceptación de los vales de los servicios que se extienden a los clientes por correo electrónico, por fax o por cualquier otro mecanismo.

3 - El uso de cualquier parte de los servicios contratados.

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