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Serengeti Road 44, Arusha, Arusha 23100, Tanzania
Tap to call +1-650-458-7238
400.96€ ($476.00) - 400.96€ ($476.00) Tanzania Serengeti Road 44, Arusha, Arusha, 23100, Tanzania +1-650-458-7238 1 Bush to Beach 9 Days 2
Tariff / Bush to Beach 9 Days / Minimum days 1 Maximum days 365 / Min person 1 Max person 2 / 1 $ 561.68 Sunday, 02 September 2029
Tanzania Serengeti Road 44, Arusha, Arusha, 23100, Tanzania +1-650-458-7238 400.96€ ($476.00) - 400.96€ ($476.00) 10 10 From booking to trekking Kilimanjaro Staff of this company received us so well at airport, we were afraid that our group of 11 people was huge but on the same day this company received a group of 16 people who climbed on different route (Lemosho route) we climbed via Machame route 7 days. We first arrived 7 of us and later 4 who we all joined in one nice hotel at Moshi town. Our guide came at Hotel (very humble guys) and get to know each other and then after they did a very very nice tour brief, we all get to know what we will be doing from the first day to the last day and what we will be wearing depend on different climate and nature when hiking. He also reminded us about our Altitude sickness medication and promised us he will assist us on how to use them (as we were supposed to take them in low altitude) After the brief we all received our itinerary sheets that explain everything from day one to last day that also have time of every activity. On the next day net at 8 am (after breakfast) they come to the hotel together with all the team and we started our tour (we were all so excited). We travel by safari jeep to the gate were we started walking. Here is where we started realizing this team doing a very hard task of caring all our camping gear, food and our luggage (we had to carry only the day packs) Every minute during the hike were exciting every step was fun and new experience. Mount Kilimanjaro has breath taking nature. Although some time you get tired but it’s a fun tired. I never regret climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Guides were tireless of our many questions. these Guides knows exactly what they are doing they are very knowledgeable and informative. Cooks and porters were superb faster ever time we arrived at the camp we found our tents ready and energy soup but also food. Foods were very delicious more than home. They even considered our two friends who were vegetarian and one who had fish allergy, we all enjoyed the food. Team was singing for us and we were sing all together, it was great experience climbing mount Kilimanjaro with this team. Some few tourist were asking about the company we used because our team were so different and friendly. About this company At first we knew nothing about this travel, we just saw their good review here in trip advisory and we added it in our shortlist tour operator. After we started contacting all this company had prompt replay and had all the criteria we have on top of that also advised us on how to reduce the costs without affecting the quality of service to be delivered. Also they explain to us step by step on everything we asked, surely we had no doubt. We trusted them from the very first place and they pay our trustworthy. This company is very special and we cannot recommend enough. One of our friend lost a bag on a plane from Nairobi and this company took care of it all and we get our bag in the same night he arrived. They truly do beyond expectation. Cooks and porters were superb faster ever time we arrived at the camp we found our tents ready and energy soup but also food. Foods were very delicious more than home. -
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Bush to Beach 9 Days

Max person: 2
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473.13€ ($561.68) Per day

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